iSwift Junior

iSwift Junior

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iSwift Junior kindergarten provides a bridge, as children gain the independence and confidence needed to transition to a kindergarten classroom.

A small class size enables students to receive highly individualized attention. Teachers work with students to determine differentiated curriculum based on their needs and interests, dividing the class into small groups for literacy, writing, and math. Junior kindergarten teachers work closely with kindergarten teachers to ensure the magical traditions of both grades are kept sacred while creating cohesive curriculums. The curriculum in our structured program prepares your child for a successful transition to iSwift Senior Kindergarten and beyond, This program is staffed by a certified teacher and full-time instructional assistant.

iSwift Junior kindergarten fosters the building of self-esteem, self-confidence, social skills and responsibility, all while providing a warm and welcoming environment for ultimate growth along with a learning experience that meets the individual needs of children academically, socially and emotionally. Taught in small groups, theme-based units of learning include:

Language Arts Math Science Multi-cultural Social Studies Helping Hands/Religion Enrichment in English, Art, and Music Classroom Technology Social Skills and Development Children will become familiar with the structure and format of a day in Kindergarten while developing critical skills needed for elementary schools, such as:

Following multi-step instructions Organizing work Controlling impulses Sustaining attention Finding multiple ways to solve problems

In case of any queries and questions, feel free to address us. We are there to assist and guide you. As teachers, we expect the parents to take active participation in your kid’s overall growth and development. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. For any more queries and clarification, you can always drop us an mail or visit us at our office.