iSwift Out Door Camps

iSwift Out Door Camps

Admission Open

iSwift Out Door Camps are organized camps from time to time in order to ensure that the kids get proper exposure to the surroundings and different learning techniques. Kids learn best when they are exposed to different scenarios. They have a keen observation power and they notice and pick up things very quickly. Our aim is to nurture this inherent skill of kids. It is only when kids are encouraged that they show an inclination towards learning different things. As such all the teaching staff and other members of the school ensure that the kids are ALLOWED TO READ, WRITE, LEARN, QUESTION AND GROW IN THEIR OWN PACE.

No two kids are the same, neither are their learning pace. Hence special attention, care is imparted to all the kids. At no point of time are they left alone. Moreover, in order to ensure all-round development, we organize different types of camps from time to time. Summer camps, winter camps, excursions to the local grocery, supermarkets are some of the programs organized by us. Each of these programs has a host of interactive sessions that encourages proper co-ordination between hands and legs so that hand to eye co-ordination is correct.

In case you have any idea or opinion that you would like to share with us that will help to make our camps better and more enriching ones, do let us know. We look forward to guardian participation and take measures to implement them.

For any more queries and suggestions, give us a call anytime!