iSwift Playgroup

iSwift Playgroup

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iSwift Playgroup is the best phase. Your kid has just started to make friends. He know how to enjoy his tiffin, take part in school activities and learn to read and write. As such our preschool programs have been designed in such a way that proper co-ordination between eyes, hands, mouth and other body parts are encouraged. We have programs where your kid will be taught new words, will be taught how to make clay models, jumble up words and learn rhymes. The aim is ensure that whatever he has learned in his previous class is nurtured and developed further.

Our iSwift Playgroup teachers ensure that different activities are lined up throughout the day so that your kids enjoy being here. All the activities are structured in such a way that your kids will learn valuable words while playing interesting games. We ensure that all activities are interesting and keep them on their toes because kids tend to get bored easily. And once they lose interest they refuse to learn. Hence we ensure that the environment is such that they are willing to learn and participate in all the games and programs scheduled. We encourage parent participation too.

We organize interaction between the parents and our teachers so that you have a clear understanding of what is being taught and how the classes are conducted. In fact, we ensure that the kids are assigned homework every single day. This ensures that your kid remains in touch with what he has learned in school when he is back home. Homework ensures that the kids become responsible for their work and that they have a clear understanding of what they have learned.

All our teachers and faculty members are available during the school timings. In case you wish them on any weekday, you can inform us of the same and we will arrange for the meeting.